Tempus Two Copper Prosecco Gin Cocktail

Introducing the world’s first Prosecco Gin

What do you get when you cross the sweet and delicate green apple, pear and citrus flavours of a delicious glass of Prosecco with the refreshing, herby notes of a great-tasting gin?

You get Tempus Two Prosecco Gin, the first of its kind worldwide to marry the wonderful characters of a spirit that is made from 100% prosecco wine and infused with wild botanicals.

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is our exciting spin on gin. It’s fresh and floral with subtle notes of juniper, citrus and rosebuds that come together in a gentle blend that elevates and complements the distinctive flavour and aroma of prosecco grapes.

How is Tempus Two Prosecco Gin made?

The base spirit used to make Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is sourced purely from prosecco grapes.

Using non-traditional methods, we use state-of-the-art spinning cone column technology to gently extract the alcohol from the wine. The base spirit is then distilled via a vapour column to preserve and harnesses the delicate and unique characteristics of prosecco, before being infused with juniper, citrus and rose buds.

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is made using the full-strength wine used to create our lower alcohol Tempus Two Lighten Up range [link]. Rather than being discarded, the alcohol is repurposed to create something beautiful and delicious, while maximising our resources and minimising waste. 600 litres of 100% prosecco wine spirit, can make around 420 litres (100 cases) of finished gin.


What does Tempus Two Prosecco Gin taste like?

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is made using a 100% prosecco grape base spirit and features a combination of botanicals to bring out the distinctive flavour and aroma of the prosecco wine.

Gentle on the palate with typical prosecco flavours of apple, melon, pear, citrus and a hint of stonefruit, the gin is carried along with floral notes of juniper and rosebuds.


What’s the best way to serve Tempus Two Prosecco Gin?

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is the lightest, most floral and most elegant gin in our range. To truly enjoy the fine, delicate flavours of the gin, we recommend pairing it with low sugar, lighter tonic to ensure the mixer elevates the prosecco varietal character rather than dominates it.

Here are our favourite Tempus Two Prosecco Gin cocktail recipes:

Tempus Two prosecco Gin cocktail recipes

Where can I buy Tempus Two Prosecco Gin?

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is available to purchase online, or if you’d like to sample all three gins in our range, we recommend our Tempus Two Gin Tasting Experience. Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is also available at selected First Choice stores in NSW.