Tempus Two Copper Wild Botanical Gin Cocktail

Your Guide To Tempus Two Botanical Gin

At Tempus Two, we thrive on doing things differently. We don’t let tradition define who we are and how we operate. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin, our newest creation that truly captures the ‘spirit’ of our brand ethos.

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is made using a shiraz wine base spirit that is distilled with traditional gin ingredients - juniper berry and coriander. The flavour is then elevated with the infusion of native Australian botanicals including desert lime, orange peel, salt bush and wattle seed.

The underlying character from the premium wine spirit produces an intense and earthy gin with the sweetness of shiraz, flavours of spice and citrus, and a hint of saltiness to produce a well-rounded gin that’s sure to impress even the most discerning of gin lovers.

A guide to botanical gin

Gin is currently in the midst of an incredibly invigorating evolution. Gin distillers have been busy experimenting with new styles, flavour infusions and delicious cocktail recipes in recent years. The result has been a renewed interest in gin and it’s paved the way for some very cool creativity and diversity in the category.

Juniper berry is the only defining element in gin production, leaving lots of room for imagination and originality when selecting the additional ingredients for the distillation process. Flavouring gin using botanicals, which includes seeds, berries, roots, fruits and herbs, is propelling the ‘gin is in’ movement because the infinite combination of ingredients has inspired a whole new generation of interesting and unique-tasting gin.

In Australia, we are blessed with an abundance of amazing and unusual native ingredients sourced from our stunning surroundings, making our local craft gins different from anywhere else in the world.

At Tempus Two, we use non-traditional methods to make our Wild Botanical Gin, using state-of-the-art spinning cone column technology to gently extract alcohol from premium wine. Conventional distillation techniques are then used to infuse complementary native Australian botanicals to enhance the flavours of the shiraz wine base spirit.

What botanicals are in Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin?

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin infuses the base spirit made from our premium shiraz wine with juniper and coriander and native botanicals found in the Australian bush, including desert lime, orange peel, salt bush and wattle seed.

What does Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin taste like?

Full-flavoured, spicy and citrus, and infused with earthy notes of native Australian botanicals, Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is a taste experience made up of a powerful combination of flavours and aromas. It’s delicious served on its own, but it also pairs perfectly with bolder mixers.

What’s the best way to serve Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin?

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is a match made in heaven with tonic water to make the ultimate G&T. Its big flavour profile also works well with more substantial mixers and garnishes - we love it with vermouth and burnt orange peel to make a heavenly-tasting Negroni.

Here are our favourite Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin cocktail recipes:

Tempus Two Botanical Gin cocktail recipes

Where can I buy Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin?

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is available to purchase online, or if you’d like to sample all three gins in our range, we recommend our Tempus Two Gin Tasting Experience. Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is also available at selected First Choice stores in NSW.