Tempus Two Copper Shiraz Gin Cocktail

How to Drink Tempus Two Shiraz Gin

Let’s be straight. We love wine. But we also love to move beyond tradition in search of new ways to enhance any occasion.

And right now, gin is in. The world of gin has become so diverse and expansive, and there’s definitely growing curiosity for gin inspired by and flavoured with local botanicals.

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is our exciting twist on tradition that blends the best of two worlds. It’s a premium, wine-based gin that’s infused with wild botanicals and the unmistakable sweet and peppery notes of a full-bodied and juicy shiraz.

How is Tempus Two Shiraz Gin made?

All of the base spirit used to make Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is sourced from Shiraz grape concentrate. The wine base spirit is created by gently extracting alcohol from the full-strength wine we use to create our lower alcohol Tempus Two Lighten Up range. Rather than being discarded, the alcohol is repurposed to create something beautiful and delicious, while maximising our resources and minimising waste. 600 litres of 100% shiraz wine spirit, can make around 420 litres (100 cases) of finished gin.

Using our signature steeping method, we gently extract the base spirit from premium quality wine at low temperatures using the latest spinning cone column technology to capture the distinctive characters of the rich and jammy shiraz concentrate. Wild botanicals including juniper berries, coriander and orange peel, are added to the base spirit via distillation in a pot still. The end result is a synergy of flavours, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


What does Tempus Two Shiraz Gin taste like?

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is made using a shiraz grape base spirit combined with concentrated shiraz juice and infused with wild botanicals. No sugar is added during the production process. The result is a delicious gin with broody red and black fruit aromas and some oak. It has a distinctive shiraz flavour and colour, elevated with spicy juniper notes and hints of sweet berries and citrus.


What is the shelf-life of Tempus Two Shiraz Gin once opened?

The great thing about gin is that once it has been opened, it can be stored for years without ‘going off’. However, we recommend that you finish the bottle within a couple of years of opening as the taste and quality of the gin will gradually start to change as it begins to oxidise.

It’s important that you store your gin in a cool, dry place that is away from heat sources and direct sunlight. You could also refrigerate your bottle of Tempus Two Shiraz Gin after opening to slow the process of losing the vibrant purple colour.


What’s the best way to serve Tempus Two Shiraz Gin?

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is fantastic served with either tonic or soda water and a blood orange wedge. But, if you are wondering what to mix with Shiraz Gin to really make the most of the deep shiraz flavour and colour, we suggest adding some Tempus Two bubbles, like Moscato or Prosecco, to make a refreshing Shiraz Gin Spritz that looks stunning and tastes amazing.

Here are our favourite Tempus Two Shiraz Gin cocktail recipes:

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin cocktail recipes

Where can I buy Tempus Two Shiraz Gin?

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is available to purchase online, or if you’d like to sample all three gins in our range, we recommend our Tempus Two Gin Tasting Experience. Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is also available at selected First Choice stores in NSW.