A Wine For Every Mum: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuck on what to buy the special mum in your life? Tempus Two has you covered.

29 Apr 2022

The Best Wine To Gift On Mother's Day

It’s no easy feat to show the most important women in your world just how much you appreciate them. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, now’s the time to find the perfect gift to express your gratitude to the special mums in your life.

Whether it’s for your mum, step-mum, grandma, mother-in-law, wife, partner, or daughter – taking the time to carefully select a beautiful bottle of wine that complements her lifestyle, tastes and preferences, is a lovely and thoughtful way to lavish her with praise this Mother’s Day.

To help you out, we’ve done a little ‘mum matchmaking’ and have pulled together a guide so you can select the best Tempus Two varietal for your mum.

Tempus Two Copper Prosecco flatlay with pear and cheeseeplatterTHE ‘HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST’ MUM

This mum loves nothing more than to entertain and hang out with her favourite people every chance she gets. Whether it’s a casual afternoon catch up with girlfriends, putting on an incredible spread for family lunch, or getting dressed up to host a fancy dinner party at home, she is her happiest when she can impress the people she truly cares about with food and wine.

To celebrate the sparkly hostess in your life, gift her a delicious bottle of Tempus Two Sparkling Wine or Prosecco – perfect for kicking off any social gathering.

We recommend:

  • 2013 Tempus Two Pewter Adelaide Hills Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay – Crafted from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes sourced from the very best vineyards in the Adelaide Hills, this luxurious sparkling wine is made using the traditional Champagne method and features vibrant and complex stone and citrus fruit characters that complement underlying notes of creamy biscuit.
  • 2021 Tempus Two Copper Prosecco: Made in true Italian style, this brut sparkling wine displays lifted lemon and green aromas complemented by an elegant palate featuring a fine, creamy mouthfeel and zesty, persistent finish. It also makes a fabulous Peach Bellini.
  • 2022 Tempus Two Varietal Blanc de Blancs Sparkling – A zesty and lively sparkling wine with enticing fruit flavours of passionfruit and green apple, balanced by a refreshing citrus finish. Try serving it in a delicious and easy-to-make Mimosa Cocktail




This mum is a lover of fine wine and considers herself to be a bit of a gastronome when it comes to food. She studies the wine menu whenever she dines out and she is passionate about pairing the perfect wine with the perfect meal. To really earn brownie points with the connoisseur mum, present her with a luxurious and elegant wine crafted in small batches in the best Australian vineyards. Selecting a wine from an exceptional vintage that she can enjoy in years to come is another nice touch.

We recommend:

  • Tempus Two 2018 Uno Hunter Valley Shiraz – the Uno series represents the very best of Hunter Valley winemaking. The shiraz grapes were grown in red volcanic soil in one of the region’s oldest vineyards. This wine will benefit from careful cellaring for 10-15 years.
  • Tempus Two 2018 Pewter Cabernet Sauvignon – with premium grapes sourced from a single vineyard in Coonawarra, South Australia, this wine has delicious blackcurrant and dark chocolate notes that this cool climate is renowned for. Even better, this wine can be drunk now or cellared for 10 years.
  • 2017 Tempus Two Pewter Semillon – with grapes sourced from a single vineyard in the Hunter Valley, this Semillon is vibrant and concentrated with citrus flavours and an acid structure that will allow the wine to age gracefully into the future.

tempus two copper prosecco and pewter hunter valley shiraz and chardonnay


This mum spends her day juggling the demands of young children, work, school and home. She would revel in the opportunity to have some quiet, quality downtime on her own or with her Significant Other.

For the busy mum who finds it hard to find some ‘wine down’ time, our Lighten Up low-alcohol wine collection allows her to enjoy the unwinding properties and mini dopamine hit of a glass or two of vino, without having to deal with any 'Hangxiety' effects the next day.

And as an added bonus, our Lighten Up wines have 30% less alcohol and 30% less calories than their full-strength counterparts.

We recommend:


These wines can also be used to craft delicious Low-Alcohol Cocktails that will make the perfect relaxing treat for your busy mum.

fleur rose picnic with fried chicken and card games


This mum tries to soak up every bit of natural Vitamin D whenever she gets the chance. Whether she is walking, playing sport, taking the kids to the park, camping, swimming in the ocean, or just reading a book in the backyard, this mum adores the great outdoors. Gift this mum a delicious wine that she can share with friends and family at her next beach day, picnic, barbeque, or al fresco restaurant reservation.

We recommend:

  • 2023 Tempus Two Copper Pinot Grigio with fruit sourced from the revered Hunter Ridge Vineyard, this crisp and textural wine displays hints of citrus and fresh green apple with an elegant and balanced finish.
  • 2022 Tempus Two Copper Rosé – vibrant in colour and flavour, this Rosé is layered with juicy red summer fruits and apple peel leading to a crisp, refreshing finish.

Lighten Up Rose with yoga mats


This health-conscious mum actively tries to lead a balanced lifestyle when it comes to food, alcohol and exercise. She enjoys wine in moderation and is mindful of how much she is consuming in relation to her broader health and lifestyle goals. Presenting her with a bottle from our Tempus Two Zero Alcohol wine collection means she can enjoy the flavour and taste of her favourite wines without the alcohol.

We recommend:


This mum is all about broadening her horizons when it comes to travel, food and wine. She is inspired by different cultures and cuisines, and she loves to try lesser-known varietals of wine. For the mum who is genuinely excited about the prospect of trying something new, tantalise her tastebuds with a delicious bottle of one of Tempus Two’s emerging varietals, or go beyond tradition and present her with a bottle of Tempus Two Gin made from grape wine spirits.

We recommend:



If your mum prefers a classic G&T over a glass of wine, you're in luck! At Tempus Two, we've gone beyond our winemaking traditions and crafted a range of unique gins using grape wine spirits. This means we’ve got gift options for the gin-loving mum as well.

We recommend:

  • Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin – a gin-enthusiast's delight, our Wild Botanical Gin is rich with juniper, carefully balanced with native Australian botanicals including desert lime, orange peel, salt bush and wattle seed. We love it served in a classic gin and tonic or a negroni.
  • Tempus Two Copper Shiraz Gin – made from 100% Shiraz wine spirit and distilled with juniper berries, coriander, orange peel and Shiraz grapes. Best served with tonic water and a wedge of blood orange, but also fantastic in these simple cocktails.
  • Tempus Two Copper Prosecco Gin – the world’s first gin to be made from 100% Prosecco wine. Gentle on the palate with typical Prosecco flavours of apple, melon, pear, citrus and a hint of stonefruit, this gin is carried along with floral notes of juniper and rosebuds. To enjoy its fine, delicate notes, try it served in these cocktail recipes.

Show your mum how much you love her with the perfect bottle that matches her vibe.

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