From Wine To Gin. Let The fun beGIN

Love gin? Love wine?

2 May 2022

Let’s be straight, we know you know our wines, but here at Tempus Two, we also love our gin (who doesn’t). So, we thought why not make our own. But our way. Gin made from wine.

We decided to turn our winemaking know how into producing our first batch of vino-inspired gins by repurposing the alcohol that is extracted to make our low alcohol wine range. Because no one wants alcohol to go to waste, right? So what better way to repurpose it than create our first range of Tempus Two Gin

Tempus Two Copper Gin Range -Wild Botanica, Shiraz and Prosecco

The Prosecco Gin is light, floral and distilled with an elegant blend of juniper, citrus and rose buds. The Wild Botanical Gin is more of a full flavoured, spicy gin made using botanicals found in the Australian bush like desert limes, salt bush and wattleseed. The Shiraz Gin is sweet and peppery, infused with wild botanicals, red berry fruits and a shiraz concentrate. Each has its own personality, but all are equally good – trust us. Or try it for yourself.

As for how you drink it, we’re not here to completely reinvent the wheel, we think a classic G&T works well for each – but for a bit fun, here are some tips:

Introducing the range: Prosecco Gin, Shiraz Gin and Wild Botanical Gin. Using non-traditional methods and made from premium quality wine, the alcohol is gently extracted, creating grape wine spirits that harness each variety’s unique characteristics. Each grape wine spirit is then distilled using conventional techniques to infuse complementary botanicals that elevate each spirit’s inherent characteristics.

The Prosecco Gin is fresh and floral with light notes of juniper, citrus and rose buds so requires a low sugar, lighter tonic to ensure the mixer elevates the prosecco varietal character rather than dominates it. Try a Prosecco Gin martini and garnish with a lemon peel.

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The Wild Botanical Gin has a powerful combination of flavours and aromas and so can handle bolder mixers. Try a Wild Botanical Gin negroni using Australian vermouth and garnish with a burnt orange peel.

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The Shiraz Gin with its varietal Shiraz notes and key botanicals combined with the sweet, peppery and red berry fruits creates a synergy of flavours, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Try a Shiraz Gin spritz with Tempus Two bubbles like Prosecco or Moscato.