Tempus Two Lighten Up range - Rose, Shiraz and Pinot Noir

Lighten Up FAQs

What does lower alcohol mean?

There is 6.8% alcohol in a 750ml bottle of Lighten Up, whereas in a full-strength wine there is between 10-16% alcohol. At 6.8% you still get the full flavour without the impact of higher alcohol.


How many standard drinks in a 750ml bottle?

There are four standard drinks in a 750ml bottle of Lighten Up. A full-strength bottle of wine generally has between 7-9 standard drinks.


Is Lighten Up better for you?

Lighten Up has reduced calories than the full-alcohol alternative. There is over 30% less alcohol and 30% less calories than a standard bottle of wine from the Tempus Two Varietal Series.


Why does Lighten Up cost the same as a full-strength wine when it has got half the alcohol?

The initial process used to make Lighten Up is the same as how we make full-strength wine and so therefore the same costs are involved. There’s an additional step in the process to make lower-alcohol wine. Once we’ve produced the full-strength wine, we use the latest spinning cone technology to gently remove the alcohol whilst retaining the same flavours and aromas. The end product is a premium quality wine with less alcohol and calories that hasn’t been compromised on flavour.


What process do you use to remove alcohol from the base wine?

We use the latest spinning cone technology. This technology removes alcohol using a lower temperature and therefore is ‘gentler’ on the wine retaining more varietal fruit character, aromatics and flavour. This technology allows us to retain the full flavour without adding grape juice concentrate or harvesting the grapes before they are ripe to ensure low alcohol.

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How does Lighten Up retain the flavour of a full-strength wine?

By using the low temperature spinning cone technology, we can gently lower the alcohol level whilst retaining the delicate varietal characters to ensure that the high-quality base wine is made in such a way to handle the lowering of alcohol.


What occasions might you enjoy Lighten Up with?

Lower alcohol wines are suitable for consumption on many occasions; long lunches, picnics, dinner with family and friends, and special celebrations including birthdays and weddings. Whatever the occasion, enjoy the moment your way!


Is there any added sugar in the wine?

The only sugars contained in the wines are from the grapes; no refined sugar or grape juice concentrate is added.