Thre bottles of non-alcoholic wine next to glasses

A complete guide to non-alcoholic wine

Sober curious? You’re not alone. Mindful drinking is definitely a vibe that looks set to stay. Thankfully, the beverage industry has tuned into this growing area of demand and there is now an incredible selection of quality non-alcoholic alternatives available - especially when it comes to wine. No more feeling like you’ve been banished to the kid’s table just because you’ve decided to moderate your booze intake!

So, whether you’ve been crowned designated driver, have a baby on the way, cutting back for health or lifestyle reasons, or abstaining - temporarily or permanently, we’ve come up with a handy guide to help you on those occasions where you don’t want to drink alcohol, but still want to sip on a delicious glass of wine.


How are non-alcoholic wines made?

We’ve spent years perfecting the Tempus Two Zero production process to bring you a range of non-alcoholic wines where the flavour, aroma and taste stays intact, and each drop is familiar and satisfying.

Tempus Two Zero wines are made in the same way as our full alcohol varieties. Using grapes grown and harvested on Australian vineyards, our experienced winemakers produce expertly crafted, full-flavoured and aromatic wines that are processed at our winery. Then, using our innovative spinning cone column technology, we gently remove the alcohol at low temperature to protect and preserve the wines’ delicate varietal characters, before it is bottled.


Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Good For You?

Non-alcoholic wine is generally lower in calories and sugar, making it a good choice if you are moderating your alcohol consumption for lifestyle or health reasons.

With Tempus Two Zero, you can enjoy a delicious, full-flavoured glass of wine with the following health benefits:

  • Lower calories – a 150ml serving of 12% full-alcohol red wine can be around 128 calories, while a 150ml glass of Tempus Two Zero Red Blend has around a third of this amount at just 44 calories.
  • Lower sugar – Tempus Two Zero Red Blend has 6.2 grams of sugar per 150ml serving; significantly less than the same serving size of orange juice (12 grams) or Coke (15.9 grams).
  • Zero-refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Tempus Two Zero wines are from the grapes; no refined sugar is added during the production process.
  • Gluten-free – no gluten products are used in the making of Tempus Two Zero wines making it safe for those with a gluten intolerance.
  • Vegan – all Tempus Two Zero wines are vegan friendly.


Can you cook with alcohol-free wine?

Cooking with wine is about the flavour, not the alcohol content. And because Tempus Two Zero wines have the same aroma and taste as their full-alcohol counterparts, they make an excellent non-alcoholic substitute for enhancing and adding complexity to the flavour of a dish.

Using Tempus Two Zero for cooking means you don’t have to ‘burn off’ the alcohol at high heat like you would with regular wine. You can just simmer on low to medium heat and scrape the browned and crusty bits at the bottom of your pan every few minutes.

Next time you are making a mushroom risotto, why not try using Tempus Two Zero Pinot Grigio as a delicious and aromatic alternative to white wine? Cooking a steak? Tempus Two Zero Red Blend is fantastic for deglazing your frypan to create a sticky, dark and rich jus to pour over your steak and mashed potatoes.


Is non-alcoholic wine really free of alcohol?  

Yes. Our advanced spinning cone technology is effective in removing the alcohol content from our Tempus Two Zero wines. All the wines in this range contain less than 0.05% Alc/Vol. 


What are the best alcohol-free wines?

Tempus Two Zero is the perfect way for you to enjoy a delicious glass of wine, without the alcohol. The range sources premium parcels of wine and gently removes the alcohol to provide a line-up of delicious alcohol-free wines, with the same full-bodied taste. With lower calories, it's also the perfect choice for the health-conscious glass clinker too.



Tempus Two Zero Moscato

With tropical, passionfruit and floral notes, this is a light-bodied and refreshing wine with a crisp, zesty finish.

Tempus Two Zero Pinot Grigio

Fresh and fruity with a crisp, balanced finish, this wine has the same citrus and green apple aromas and zippy spiced pear palate as a full-alcohol Pinot Grigio.

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Tempus Two Zero Red Blend

Delicious aromas of ripe red fruits, raspberries and dark cherries with hints of chocolate and spicy vanilla oak, this bold and full-flavoured wine finishes with soft drying tannins. 

Tempus Two Zero Spritz Rosé

With fresh strawberry, citrus and tropical aromas, this beautiful, pale pink wine has sweet fruit and floral flavours with a crisp and spritzy finish. 

Tempus Two Zero Prosecco

Lifted citrus and pear floral notes make this wine fresh and fruity, with lively bubbles and a zesty finish.