Tempus Two’s 90+ point wines perfect for sunny days

Tempus Two's summer wines awarded 90+ by Winestate Magazine

15 Oct 2021

A round of applause is in order for our winemaking team. Six of our wines have been awarded 90+ points by Winestate Magazine in the latest round of tastings.

If you’re wondering what to drink this summer, we’ve got you covered. From a 96 point, light bodied Gamay to a refreshing Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and two easy-drinking Rosés, check out the list of your summer must-haves below.



2021 Tempus Two Gamay  - 96 points

This Gamay shows exquisite line through velvety tannins resulting in an expressive, medium bodied, luscious wine of opulent length. Unless the dish has something spicy, this wine will shine. Try pan seared salmon finished with rosemary, duck, or mushroom and/or cheese-based pasta sauces for a vegetarian option.


2021 Copper Verdelho received -  96 points

The Copper Verdelho has delicate citrus aromas with notes of tropical fruit to invigorate the senses. Characters of refreshing citrus abound with vibrant acidity, giving way to a charming finish and pleasing mouthfeel. A little spice goes well with this Verdelho, but not too hot. Try it with a vegetarian noodle dish fresh from the wok or a crunchy summer salad.

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2021 Tempus Two Copper Hunter Valley Semillon Sauvignon Blanc  - 94 points

A bright and aromatic wine with pine-lime nuances cascading over layers of passionfruit and subtle spice that transcend to the juicy, zesty palate, finishing with refreshing length. Perfect as an afternoon sipper on its own, refreshing at hot afternoon barbeques with seafood, or alongside a simple garden-fresh salad!

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2021 Tempus Two Copper Hunter Valley Rosé  -  92 points

A delicious Rosé dominated by strawberry and musk aromas with hints of burnt orange peel. The palate is layered with red summer fruits and apple peel to finish, making a crisp, refreshing, easy-drinking wine. This wine has you covered for all things lunch, especially the long lunch. Especially good with anything char-grilled, from eggplant and asparagus to chicken and pork.

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2021 Tempus Two Copper Hunter Valley Vermentino  -  91 points

Characters of lime and grapefruit dominate the palate, with notes of fresh green apple giving way to a smooth textural experience that finishes with greater balances. If it has got nuts in it, this vermentino will match amazingly well. Think citrus-based salads and fish with a finish of cashews or walnuts. Add some fresh pesto or if you’re feeling a little risqué try with anchovies or sardines.


2021 Tempus Two Varietal South Australia Rosé  -  91 points

A fresh and racy Rosé with intense flavours and a clean crisp finish. Hints of fresh strawberries and green melon are well represented, with some herbaceousness. Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight! This is great for a warm afternoon cheese plate (or two).


2021 Tempus Two Varietal Hunter Valley Pinot Grigio  -  91 points

Made in the traditional Italian style, this wine has tropical fruit and pear flavours with hints of citrus providing a fresh, clean, crisp style with a medium bodied palate. Pear, pasta, pizza, pinot grigio perfecto!