Tempus Two's wines awarded 90+ points by Winestate Magazine for 2022

11 Aug 2022

At Tempus Two our winemaking team are constantly working to deliver the best tasting wines for you to enjoy whichever way you choose.  

12 of our wines have recently been awarded 90+ points by the Winestate Magazine in the latest round of tastings, making Copper our most awarded range.  

If you need inspiration for a new winter warmer or a refreshing Sunday session vino, look no further. Whatever the occasion, we have some exceptional drops to pair with it, just check out the list below! 



2022 Tempus Two Copper Semillon – 97 Points  

This Semillon embodies the world-renowned Hunter Valley crispness. With its lime dominated and subtle floral undertones it has a lengthy persistence on the palate. A delight on its own, or perfect with delicate white fish. Alternatively, for a vegetarian option try it with a simple garden salad.  


2021 Tempus Two Copper Montepulciano – 97 points  

A beautiful medium-bodied red wine, with robust flavours of savoury red summer fruits, with long lasting tannins, this is a wine for an opulent occasion. Such a punchy wine requires rich delicious slow roasted meats, or for a vegetarian alternative pair it with roasted portobello mushrooms and winter farro. 


2022 Tempus Two Copper Verdelho – 94 Points

The Copper Verdelho has delicate citrus aromas with notes of tropical fruit to invigorate the senses. Characters of refreshing citrus are bound with vibrant acidity, giving way to a charming finish and pleasing mouthfeel. This drop goes extremely well solo, accompanied only by a long summer night, or a delicious prawn or veggie stir fry with a slight chilli kick. 


2021 Tempus Two Copper Chardonnay – 94 Points

This is a luscious and smooth chardonnay, with pronounced flavours of stone fruit layered with notes of subtle oak. The lifted aromas of citrus fruit accompanied with the smooth mouth finish are reminiscent of the notes of lemon meringue. This is a great pair for light and delicate food, such as a grab linguine or a grilled eggplant mezze board.  .

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2023 Tempus Two Copper Pinot Grigio – 92 Points

A light and refreshing pinot grigio with delicate notes of citrus and crisp apple aromas. A Spring treat, this is an easy drinking wine perfect for a long Sunday lunch that may go into dinner! Paired beautifully with creamy pasta sauces, or an excellent choice for a Sushi date.  

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2021 Tempus Two Copper Pinot Noir – 90 Points

This is the epitome of a light summer red, with beautiful aromas of summer fruits, cherry and cranberry that have been elevated by the earthy tones of mushroom. With its light body and elegant levels of tannin this fruit forward pinot noir has a balanced and elegant finish. It pairs perfectly with a pan seared salmon and sautéed greens or decadent carbonara.  


2019 Tempus Two Copper Shiraz – 95 Points  

This Shiraz has strong notes of summer red fruits across the nose complemented by dark chocolate. The velvet mouth texture created by the tannins constructs a densely expressive medium-bodied wine. This wine pairs perfectly with aged hard cheeses and flame grilled chicken perfectly enjoyed on any night.  

Try our most recent release – the 2021 Copper Shiraz.  

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2022 Tempus Two Copper Shiraz Cabernet – 92 Points    

This shiraz cabernet is a complex layering of elegant spices, with notes of cassis and sour cherry underpinned by a hint of pepper. The flavours of red summer fruits dance through the mid palate and complement the vibrant rustic tannins. This wine pairs well with anything that has been kissed by an open flame, smokey meats and vegetables will only elevate the palate.  

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2020 Tempus Two Pewter Shiraz – 91 Points  

Another bold Barossa wine, this shiraz is defined by its pronounced fruit flavours of cassis and earthy plum with hints of coconut and coffee. The rustic tannins compliment the bold flavours of summer fruits, prolonging the opulent mouth feel. This is the perfect accompaniment for a hearty winter stew or ragu.   

Try our most museum release before stock runs out – the 2018 Pewter Shiraz. 

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2017 Tempus Two Uno Shiraz – 91 Points   

A beautiful hunter valley shiraz, with layers of red current, mulberry and cassis carried by hints of oak spice. This is a soft and mouth filling shiraz with initial hits of cherry that evolve into a velvet like texture of chocolate and liquorice to finish. A beautiful wine that matures with time ready to enjoy now or in 15 years' time. Perfect for a celebration dinner centered around blushing pink lamb and roast seasonal vegetables.  

2015 Tempus Two Pewter Botrytis Semillon - 95 Points

The perfect wine to finish off the meal, with its delicate aromas of dried apricot and zesty citrus marmalade. Pairs best with a variety of desserts including lemon tart or a decadent cheeseboard filled with soft and blue cheeses.