Kick your festival experience up a notch at the Tempus Two Vinyl Vibes pop-up bar

29 Nov 2022

Whether stinking hot or La Nina, Aussie summer heralds many epic things - balmy nights, mango season, end of year leave where you forget what day it is and a cracking summer music festival lineup.

Add to that list that you can now get your favourite Tempus Two wine at music festivals. Yep, Megan Thee Stallion with your Tempranillo, Calvin Harris with your Prosecco. Ocean Alley with your Chardonnay.

At Tempus Two we love everything about wine, except the stuffiness. Which is why we’re taking a love of wine somewhere unexpected – Australia’s summer music festival circuit.

Enter: Vinyl Vibes, a Tempus Two pop-up bar that goes beyond tradition. With an underground vintage feel and a floor-to-ceiling vinyl library so extensive you’d need a decade to listen through it, Vinyl Vibes also matches your plonk to your playlist.

Bring your mates or come solo then buy a wine and one of our Tempus Two team will match you to your pod and the vinyls that suit your taste. Browse the records in your pod, choose what you want to listen to, then sit back and relax at one of our personal stations.

But if you’re more free flow than perfectly matched, you can also browse the entire library or select from one of our old school playlists.

Plus, there’s good reason to come back when we close the Vinyl Vibes pods for a vinyl DJ playing a set. Because we don’t follow tradition. We go beyond it. And we want our drinkers to do the same – enjoying our wines anyway you choose.

But enough about us. Pass the prosecco.


Check out Vinyl Vibes at Falls Festival. 




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