Win a MINI Electric Hatch is the ultimate cool car with Tempus Two

Win a MINI Electric Hatch - Competition Closed

Congratulations to our winner, Todd C. from Newcastle, NSW.

7 Sep 2021

That’s right! You can win a MINI Electric Hatch valued at $63k simply by shopping for your favourite Tempus Two wines. 

The MINI Cooper was a car that defined an era! A period in time where a generation took to doing things differently. The iconic car was celebrated in numerous movies of the swinging 1960s and the pride and joy of many of the key celebrities of the day, such as Twiggy, Steve McQueen, Mick Jagger and all four of The Beatles; John, Paul, George and Ringo.

More recent owners of the iconic car include Madonna and Ed Sheeran. 

The iconic car of the 60s has gone beyond tradition, to give you a fun and zippy future, free from petrol bills!

The MINI Electric Hatch is the ultimate cool car, with its iconic design, brimming with personality and zip-ability. It handles corners with that same go-kart capability that MINI Cooper drivers have loved for decades.

Stability has been enhanced in the MINI Electric as the battery is under the length of the vehicle floor, allowing for more fun at every turn. Fast and zippy the electric motor delivers instant torque, to get you moving.

Your MINI Electric Hatch will come with an electric car charger cable that you can plug into a normal power socket at home. It also comes with an inbuilt navigation system that will help you find your nearest electric car charging station when you are out on the road. In just 36 minutes a DC Fast charger will get you a 0 – 80% charge.

Your car is also charging while you drive. Every time you take your foot off the accelerator the energy from the car decelerating is used to charge the battery. Your MINI will take you 233kms per charge and has a top speed of 150km per hour. We love everything about the MINI Electric Hatch.

Just like at Tempus Two where we craft elegant wines delivered in iconic packaging, we believe that what is under the iconic frame of the MINI Electric will ensure your maximum driving pleasure.


So, next time you are looking to buy wine, pick up a bottle of Tempus Two wine and make sure to ask for a receipt. Then simply visit to upload your receipt before 17/11/21 for a chance to win.

You can claim one entry for every bottle purchased. If you buy a case of 6 wines, you can use the same receipt to enter 6 times.

Do note though, if you win all your entries will be checked to ensure there is a valid receipt for each one. If you enter too many times all your entries will be invalid.

Tempus Two wines are available in all major retailers in Australia, or online here from our Tempus Two Cellar Door. Make sure to stock up on your favourite Tempus Two wines for your chance to Win a Mini Electric Hatch.

Enter Now!



Tempus Two has just launched a new collection of lower alcohol wines called Lighten Up. There are 3 fabulous varietals to choose from including Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Prosecco.

The Lighten Up series is lower in alcohol, with 4 standard drinks in a bottle. In comparison, a full-strength bottle of Tempus Two Varietals wine has between 5 and 7 standard drinks per bottle. Alcohol contains calories, so when we spin the alcohol out of the wine at low temperatures, we also reduce the calories, which is great news if you are on a fitness kick or watching your weight.

Lighten Up is perfectly paired with long lunches and events where you would like to limit your alcohol intake, without limiting your enjoyment of great tasting wine. Tempus Two wines are available in all major retailers in Australia, or online here from our Tempus Two Cellar Door. Make sure to stock up on your favourite Tempus Two wines for your chance to win a Mini Electric Hatch.



So why are we so excited about giving away a MINI Electric Hatch? We like to do things differently at Tempus Two, just like MINI. We like to push the boundaries. Each new vintage gives us the opportunity to refine and evolve our techniques and resources to produce the best quality wine.

Every year our viticulturists work closely with Mother Nature to create parcels of fruit with the optimum flavour profiles for our wines. With decades of experience and expertise we have learned to work with Mother Nature, but we know we can’t control her. We are at the mercy of floods, droughts, heat waves and frost.

This last season was particularly brutal for our winemaking neighbours in New Zealand, with frosts destroying approximately 19% of the country’s vintage*. You may have already heard, there will be limited supply of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc this year. France has lost nearly 30% of its vintage* due to frost too. Thankfully our Tempus Two Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills had a great season. If you wish to try something new, you can find it here!

As an agricultural company at our heart, we are on a journey to reduce our impact on the planet and are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

For example, 100% of our Buronga Hill winery energy is generated from wind and solar energy. The photograph below is an aerial shot of our 1.65 MW solar farm at our Buronga Hill winery. We are proud to give a home to one of the largest privately-owned solar farms in Australia.

When it came to picking a car partner for our promotion, our conviction to reducing our environmental impact was important. We also want to be able to give you a gift for now, and a gift for your future. This meant that it had to be an electric car. Then, we needed a car with a big personality, and we are sure you will agree that MINI over-delivers here!

*Wine Australia Issue 246